Dream on, Dreamer

We all have our own favorite ways of working out that help us reach and maintain the desired results. But sometimes, some of the goals that we set can be quite challenging or the desired results may seem impossible to achieve. And other times, our current circumstances may be presenting additional obstacles.

Here are 5 simple ideas that can help you stay on the right track bringing you closer to even greater fabulousness each day (we know you are already fabulous just the way you are):

  1. Don’t question whether or not you will achieve your dream result. Have no doubt you’ll get there, if you are committed.
  2. Do something little each day, rather than planning long workout sessions that you might eventually skip all together.
  3. Work with what you have: jumping cord for a few minutes in your hotel room, walking to the store or even jugging up and down the stairs a few extra times could be just as good as a gym session.
  4. Pick exercises that you actually enjoy rather than going for what others say works for them.
  5. Think long-term and don’t give up if you skip a workout one day or fancy a heavenly gelato in the heat of summer.

How do you stay motivated on your way to achieving your dream results? Share in the comments section below.

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