Exercising in the air

Air travel can be quite challenging as personal space aboard commercial aircraft seems to be ever-shrinking. If you begin to feel hopelessly claustrophobic, trapped in a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air, a few simple exercises might help break the feeling of despair.

You don’t need to be standing on the ground while doing some of your favorite yoga poses!

Let’s try this:

  • Start by breathing deeply in and out as slow as you can. Repeat six times.
  • Stand up straight with your hands on your knees. Begin to move your head slowly in circular motion to the right. Repeat several times then reverse.
  • Slide towards the edge of your seat and twist your upper body to one side. You can cross your leg to add extra movement. Stretch your hands as far as the space around you allows.
  • Stand up from your seat and perform a tree pose in the isle. Change sides. You probably feel better already!
  • If you are the only one waiting in line for the bathroom, why not do a few squads for fun?
  • And if you are really brave, you can also do a forward bend with your arms handing down (but be ready to grab the closest handle or flight attendant in case of turbulence).
  • Then rise up and do a full body bend from your waist.
  • Return to neutral standing position and this time bend your leg backwards from the knee. Repeat with the other leg.

Were you able to free the tension? Do you feel less weight?

What are some of the moves or tricks that help you survive a long flight?

Share in the comments section below!

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