Pineapple Ode!

Our love for pineapples is growing even stronger. Pineapples are not only good for you, but of all fruits and vegetables from the earth’s garden, this season they’ve also become a hot fashion trend.

The pineapple obsession is widespread and well-backed by multiple benefits, elevating this tropical fruit to superstar status.

Packed with vitamin C, pineapples help boost immunity, enhance blood circulation, reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

Furthermore, recent research suggests that pineapples can also be helping us sleep better, because of their high concentration of melatonin.

However, the love for pineapples seems to date back to centuries ago, when explorers like Christopher Columbus came upon them in Latin America.

After pineapples were introduced to Western Europe during the Colonial era, they quickly became a symbol of luxury, opulence and even hospitality. Hence the massive revival of all kinds of pineapple-themed decors and accessories.

Naturally, brands have fully embraced the trend with Dolce & Gabana shining as the modern masters. But they are not alone.

Dive into the trend with our glam picks:

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