The art of swimming

Think of water as a skillful sculptor who is modeling a perfect body shape.

That’s right, swimming is an all-over body workout without the sweat, shaking and bouncing. Due to the constant water resistance, the body works numerous muscles.

Swimming makes us more flexible, builds strength and endurance, and improves balance and posture.

Think of it as bathtub experience on another level. Scientists have proven that a water workout could significantly lower symptoms of chronic stress, reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain.

Furthermore, regular swimming can help us stay youthful and vibrant even in our 60s and 70s. Research has shown that people who swim often seem biologically younger by several years, even decades, than their pairs.

Swimming can also improve sleep and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Plus, it doesn’t require special equipment – just put on your fave swimsuit and jump in the nearest pool, sea, ocean, river or lake.

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