Mango Love

Today’s blog post is featuring one of our absolute favorite fruits ever –  mangoes! Beside their divine flavor and endless ways they can be used in recipes, mangoes are so beneficial for your skin, brain, digestion and overall anti-aging.

Furthermore, some research studies suggest that mangoes can be protecting you from your computer screen and even helping your body to recover faster from frequent flying by reducing the levels of radiation from different screens and electronic equipment.

Eating mangoes for several days before an X-ray or a medical procedure that involves radiation can boost your body’s ability to heal from the damage of the waves. Who knew!

Mangoes also speed up workout recovery, because they are rich in magnesium.

Do you know of any other unusual benefits or uses of mangoes? Share in the comments below.

PS: If you are looking for a mango-inspired #GlamWorkout, take these cuties to the gym:

Watch my video on how to
cut a mango easily and perfectly:

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