Natural environments: The multiple benefits of exercising outdoors

If you are trying to introduce some variety into your exercising routine, you may want to consider incorporating more outdoors activities. Turns out, the advantages of exercising and spending time out in the open may be much more than we thought.

In a number of recent studies researchers recorded data from volunteers who were asked to walk the same time and distance — once indoors, usually on a treadmill or around a track, and once outside. Overwhelmingly, the volunteers reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction from the outside activity, and subsequent psychological tests showed their vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure and self-esteem levels have increased significantly. On the other hand, volunteers’ tension, depression and fatigue levels had decreased greatly after they walked outside.

Exercising in natural environments has also been associated with increased overall positivity and energy, as well as decrease in tension, confusion, anger. Exercising outdoors has also been linked to greater commitment to the workout program or routine.

Another big healthy bonus from spending more time outside — exposure to direct sunlight improves your mood and brings naturally your Vitamin D to a healthy level. So, what are you waiting for? We want more of that, please!

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