Workout hair secrets: How to get perfect hair after the gym

Have you ever hesitated whether or not to go to the gym or skip a workout all together simply because you worry how your hair would look afterwards?

I’m sure many of us face this dilemma daily, including myself of course.

So here are a few tricks that have proven to work well for me and I hope they’ll help you too have a bouncy voluminous hair even after you just came back from the gym.

You can definitely apply these tips even if you are not planning to work out to maintain your hair healthy and shiny. So let’s get started!

A few useful products:    

Before Workout:

  • Every time after a blowout, even when your hair is completely clean, apply a little bit of dry shampoo. That will extend the time between showering your hair and slow down the accumulation of oil at the roots.

After Workout:

  • Put your hair up on a ponytail or a messy bun but don’t tighten the elastic or band too much so that it doesn’t leave a mark on the hair. By keeping it loose and away from the scalp, you’ll also keep it away from the sweat and grease.
  • Avoid bobby pins or hair clips that would also leave a mark or a dent and would make your hair touching the scalp.
  • Try not touching or scratching your scalp during the workout.
  • Use a hair cap while you shower.
  • When you take your hair down after it has been up for the duration of the workout, it will already have plenty of volume.
  • Add a little bit of fresh dry shampoo to the roots.
  • Gently blow dry your hair by using the cool air setting on your blowdryer.
  • You may even want to turn your head upside down so that your hair is completely away from any sweat.
  • You can flatten any marks from the hair elastic with a flat iron.
  • And style it further with your favorite hot tool.

I hope you found these helpful!

For more tips on how to maintain a healthy, glamorous hair regardless of your hair type or whether it has been treated with color, check out my blog post on hair love and hair care.

Much Love,


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