Sleep Is Underrated: 5 Things I Discovered About Sleeping Well

I can’t even begin to say how crucial a good night’s sleep is for the proper and optimal functioning of our bodies, and at the same time how underrated it is on our daily and nightly priorities list.

I continue rediscovering the benefits of sleep every time I wake up after a nice 7-8-9 hour (or even more!) sleeping marathon and realize how rejuvenated and excited I am for the day head.

With our busy schedules, we often take a routine biological process for granted, but the adverse effects of lack of sleep on our health, career and relationships are unavoidable.

As someone who often has to work either too early in the morning, late at night or even during the night hours because of the nature of my job, I started appreciating sleeping like normal humans are meant to sleep on a whole new level.


Here are a few benefits that I’ve experienced and some tips that can help you feel rested even if you didn’t get the sleep that you wished for:

1. Starting the day with a feeling of hope, excitement and joyful anticipation

Imagine what a difference can make starting the day with a feeling hope, excitement and joyful anticipation to what’s ahead, instead of annoyance by the sound of the alarm clock and the stress of rushing through your morning routine so that you can get to the office on time and somewhat put together.

I feel that after having slept enough quality hours, I wake up a much happier and grateful human being, who can appreciate the gifts, beauty and magic of this world.

2. Being more grounded, focused, make better decisions

Quality sleep has definitely made a huge difference in my ability to remain focused, be more grounded and calm, and therefore make better decision – at work and in my personal life. It seems that when the body is well rested everything falls into place naturally.

3. Being nicer to people, smiling more, having more patience 

I have been astonished at how warmer, nicer, more welcoming, inviting and patient I am with people after a good night’s sleep. I am almost a different person. That has definitely helped me pile up more and more positive energy, instead of sinking deeper and deeper into negative vibrations as the day progresses.


4. Being healthier, having a toned body and maintaining your dream weight

It is needless to say that sleep is paramount to your health and overall wellbeing, but I really wanted to share the difference it has made for my biological cycles and weight management. Without changing my diet at all, when my body has enough time to process the food that I have given it, as well all the the thoughts and emotions from the day,  the next day it just feels in much better shape all around. Feels almost like magic!

5. Being more creative and living in synk with nature and the universe

When I wake up after a good night’s sleep, I feel that my creativity is blossoming, that I am more connected to myself and the world around me, and the ideas just start streaming into my head. I often execute the projects that I am working on with more precision, I look outside the box for ideas and solutions, and the final result is on another level. I feel so much more inspired, and that is an incredible feeling!

TIP: I understand that often we have to live our lives “around” extreme schedules, travel commitments or unpredictable circumstances, but what I have found helpful is sticking to the same “routine” no matter what part of the day it is. For example, if you have to sleep during the day and work during the night, it would be easier for the body to follow the natural rhythm of waking up, washing your face, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, eating breakfast and going through your “morning” routine as if it was morning time. Then a few hours later eat “lunch” and then transition into your “evening” routine even if it might be 8am. Following the “natural” cycle of what I would do on a normal day has made a huge difference in how rested I feel after I wake up, no matter what time if the day or night it is. Candles of course can add coziness and calm to your environment, and help you fall asleep easier.


Sooo, are you ready to make the commitment to adjust your schedule and to-do lists so that you can dedicate a good amount of hours to sleeping? It’s so worth it and your body deserves it! Please, share in the comments below your experiences, revelations, tips or struggles with sleep.

Much Love,

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