Reflections Post War: What I’ve Learned After Fighting An Important Battle – AND Winning It!

As I walk though my apartment, I see physical reminders of my most recent battle everywhere — un-hanged pictures that I am still deciding whether to keep or get rid of as they remind me of the past, black plastic bags with clothes, books, toiletries and all kinds of stuff in them that I somehow managed to throw in last minute without remembering  what I put in each bag, bare floors as I wasn’t sure if I would still be living here a month, a week or even a day from today… semi empty fridge, dismantled bed.

Looked and felt like a battlefield after a bloodshed. In fact, yes, it was a battlefield, a heavy battle was fought just the previous day here, just a few hours ago — the last one in a very long war.

Some of you, or many, may know the feeling. You may “have been there”… several times… But for me this time was different, which is why I decided to share my thoughts. I hope it will give you some clarity and help you overcome your next big fight.

By fight I don’t mean a physical fight of course but what, in mine case, was an emotional armageddon. At some point I may decide to share details of what exactly happened in another post. In this one I’ll focus on the lessons.

After being shaken to the core and having started questioning my professional skills, talents, emotional intelligence and my overall life vision, and I learned to be my best cheerleader, best trusted friend, only parent, only trusted adviser and strongest supporter.

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As the war-like circumstances were still unfolding, I put together a list of affirmations that I memorized and could quickly use as reference in a difficult moment.

Here they are:

  • I am enough, in my current state, regardless of what everyone says.
  • I am exactly where I need to be.
  • I love myself and take loving care of my body and soul. My health is my top priority.
  • I chose to take massive action and focus on the steps that will bring me success rather than sabotaging my success with self-doubt.
  • I don’t care what others think about my crazy ideas, I just make them happen, and I reep the rewards.
  • I am trusting my intuition and my heart again, rather than the implanted limiting beliefs that were suffocating my brain, and I am doing things my way instead of comparing myself to others or follow the established rules, because:
  • I AM ONE OF A KIND, and so are you.

One day, when I least expected it, during a brief conversation, I was told that I have won the war, that I vas the victor.

What a relief… I bursted into tears of joy…

One collateral effect that I noticed, is that some of the people who were close to me were inspired by my story to pursue their own battles and goals with a renewed vigor, which resulted in positive outcomes and progress for them as well.

Today, all of the frames and pictures that you see in one of the images above are no longer at my apartment. I added a lot of pink – my new favorite color :).

I did a major decluttering of the entire place. And while it feels cozy again, I am now still empowered and ready to take on an even bigger quest, conquer a new challenge and reach my ultimate happy place – geographically, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Now, let’s celebrate!


Much Love,

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