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Regardless of the season and the current fashion trends, having a structured silhouette is always a bonus. Often, women who look tres chic and toned in their tight evening gown, ace a hot red carpet dress or simply look sleek and polished no matter what they are wearing, would have one secret in common — body shaping undergarments.

Personally, I am more on the skinner side of the weight scale (thanks to self discipline, I must note) but I certainly feel more confident and polished when I add some extra structure to my outfit.

Finding the right type and shape of undergarments is not always easy. Plus, there’s the sigma of how unappealing some of those items might be if worn on their own. I have to admit, I’ve felt this way too. And that is why I decided to feature in a blog post the Australian brand Nancy Ganz, which in a way breaks that stereotype by offering high quality pieces that are also incredibly beautiful and chic.

After I unpacked the set that I had ordered, the High Waist Shaper Briefs and the Strapless Longline Underwire Bra from the Enchanté collection, I was frankly surprised by the quality of the material, the cool design and the gorgeous details that were incorporated into the pieces. They certainly look like regular lingerie items, if not prettier, so I will most likely wear them on regular basis even when I don’t need that extra shaping.

The bra looks so dreamy, that I could even wear it as a bralette under a cozy cardigan!

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The Nancy Ganz pieces are thinner and lighter than traditional shapewear, because they are made of what the brand describes as breathable sheer ultra knit. They are also firmer, with innovative flock banding technology that provides a firm hold in the desired areas.

The best and easiest way to put them on, as the brand says, is simply to roll, step into and unroll! That’s of course because the garments are meant to stay in place. You can also wear your own underwear under some of them, if you prefer.

The products can be washed in a regular washing machine, but Nancy Ganz recommends hand washing them in cold water with a mild detergent for best, long-lasting results. I washed mine on a gentle machine wash cycle and they were intact – an an important bonus of quality investment pieces.

They come in different colors — from frosty white, to warm taupe beige, blushing pink and black. I got my set, featured in the pictures above, in the blushing pink shade, which in addition to looking so feminine and cute, is also very much in style this season when it comes to all pieces of clothing.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know in the comments below which are your favorite pieces and what you have discovered works best for your body shape.

Give them a try:

Nancy Ganz pieces featured in the Enchanté collection are available online at This blog post is published in partnership with and

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