Fashion Report: Love Is A Trend

I can’t even begin to say that this has been by far my absolute favorite “trend” that brands and the fashion industry have come up with. (Sorry teddy bear coats!) Therefore, I was inspired to dedicate a whole blog post to it and share all kinds of thoughts not only on the love trend but love in general.

After a few recent twists and turns in literally all areas of my life that shook me to the core, (For more on that topic you can read my blog post Reflections Post War: What I’ve Learned After Fighting an Important Battle – AND Wining It!) to me the notion of love has acquired a whole new meaning. In fact, the word “love” has become my mantra and my philosophy. I try to look at and perceive everything in my life – events, interactions, emotions – through the prism of this simple yet inexplicable feeling, or phenomenon I should say.

Because of that, I feel that my everyday life has now a whole new meaning, which, as corny as it sounds, comes down to giving and receiving as much love as possible. Love of course also translates into care for others, self, the planet; desire to share life with your fellow human beings; focus on the good and positive; and simply appreciate and enjoy the beauty of each day – from down, to sunset and beyond.

I say all this, so that you can better understand how special it would be for me to actually wear a physical piece of garment with those four letters written on it at a time of huge personal transformation. Bottom line, it all comes right on time AND right on trend!

Now, let’s move on to the fashion side of things and finally talk about love as a trend. It actually surfaced some time ago, and it falls under the bigger logo trend umbrella.

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However, on my latest shopping trip I couldn’t help but notice that literally every store at the mall had featured as part of its display a piece of clothing with the words “love” written on it – from J. Crew, to Forever 21 and of course, Victoria’s Secret.

Check out some of those adorable pieces, don’t they elevate your mood by simply looking at them? It’s actually kind of nice to see “love” reminders very where, don’t you agree? I wonder if the word love could have a real effect on the person who is wearing the shirt by reminding them of being kinder, warmer and yes, more loving… But that is way too crazy.

For now, let’s just enjoy the fact that this season, it seems, love will be the focus of our thoughts AND our wardrobe. Cheers to that!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of love as a trend.

It should be an evergreen, right?

Much LOVE,

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