Honest Beauty: Honestly Awesome

In today’s post I am delighted to feature one of my favorite clean beauty brands – Honest Beauty, created by actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba. As someone with very sensitive skin, using some of the popular makeup brands – from more affordable to high end – hasn’t been an option, unless I want to risk having a breakout or red spots appearing under my foundation.

Over the years I’ve tried several brands that specifically focus on using natural ingredients and staying away from toxic substances. As you can imagine, not all of the natural products looked good, blended and polished on the skin. Those that did made a huge difference in the way I look and feel when wearing makeup. And among them is, of course, Honest Beauty. (More about my other favorite natural brands “that work” in another post.)

I discovered Honest Beauty after watching an interview with Jessica Alba where she talked bout how she didn’t want her daughter to put toxic ingredients on her skin. So Jessica decided to create a brand that she and her family can use without concerns about possible damage to the skin and the body. I was thrilled, I went to the website and haven’t stopped using the products since.

The products blend well, they don’t dry my skin, they are easy and peasant to apply. Plus, the packaging is so cute too. In most cases, the makeup doesn’t even feel that different than most of the popular brands that do use toxic ingredients. For me that was a big factor – having makeup that blends in beautifully for a glowing, polished finish.

That was a few years ago. The company changed its look recently (love the new look!) and I am hearing that more products may be developed or updated. I am sharing below some of my current favorites. I hope some of them would work for you too and give you peace, calm and confidence on those crazy early mornings when you are trying to get your makeup done in less than 2 minutes, look put together and leave for work relatively on time!

What are some of your favorite clean and natural beauty products? What challenges are you facing when it comes to using or finding clean makeup that works for your skin type? Which brand would you like to see featured on the website? Let me know in the comments below. See you in my next post!

Much Love,
Lara from GlamWorkout

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