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CLICK on the video that best reflects your mood and do the workout with me: 

Starting your morning right is crucial for a successful day powered by positive energy. Here are some ideas of what you can do to prime your mind for success, eliminate clutter and get rid of stress.

Take small breaks throughout your shift to move your body. By incorporating two or three 5-10 minute exercise sessions, at the end of your shift you would have completed a full 20-30 min workout. My workouts are exactly 5-10 min long. So grab your phone, step away from your desk, hit play and let’s move together!

No matter how busy or slow my schedule is on any given day, I try to incorporate as much movement as I can: from taking the stairs, to parking a little further than the store’s entrance, doing exercises in my chair or even practicing a few ballet plies in the bathroom. I find that quick short workouts (or GlamWorkouts as I call them) help me stay focused, motivated and more energized.

Try some of these workouts if you feel inspired, if you want to do something different or simply if you love ballet! In one of those videos I visited the famous Ballet Beautiful studio in SOHO, in New York City, where I met in person the amazing Mary Helen Bowers, who works with supermodels like the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym after a long day but you know that having exercised would make you feel so much better. If that’s the case, why don’t we exercise together and actually have some fun with it!

And there are also the times when you feel bold and want to do something really challenging. I got you, try these and let me know how you feel. But please, BE CAREFUL and STAY FOCUSED while doing them, because they are very challenging indeed and no one wants to get injured.

These are some of my absolute favorite workouts that you can do any time, anywhere. Most of my workouts are designed that way. But these specifically are incredible for toning the upper legs and butt, AND also amazing for burning that dreaded cellulite! Enjoy!

I just love these awesome before sleep exercises and it seems you do too, as they are some of my most popular videos! They have proven to be so effective in achieving slimmer, leaner, beautifully shaped legs without building extra muscles. I try to do them every or every other night before sleep. You can do them from the comfort of your bed or even on the couch while watching your favorite show.


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Below are a few playlists that I am updating regularly with new videos. I am very picky about the music background that I use in my videos. I want it to be upbeat, cool and pleasant to listen to as well. Which is why, I have to admit, I often just play my Latest Videos Playlist and listen to the melodies while I’m driving, cooking, organizing or doing all kinds of things around the house. Just CLICK on the playlist name and have fun!

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